Career advisory

Career Advisory Services

Proffers educational solutions to aid students admissions in foreign universities. Flagship services of the company now include Career Advisory services. We give guided assistance in education and career planning, coping with life/work transitions, including career advancement, skill development, starting businesses, self employment, and entrepreneurial ventures, research and job search strategy. We Help Generate Career Options! Through productive assessments, we help you identify and consider new career options.

Admission Processing

As an accredited educational consultant, we help prospective student secure admission at any university of their choice both within and outside our coverage area. We assist students with strong academics, good performance on standardized exams & extra-curricular achievements to be eligible for scholarship awards and admission offers. We are the best universities/colleges admission processing organization in Nigeria and we assure you of a successful Admission Application that will fetch you an Unconditional Offer JWS Consulting Limited “Study Abroad Team” has been designed to provide you with information, resources and assistance for those students who are interested to further their education studying abroad.
admission processing

Student Medical Insurance

JWS Consulting Limited provides international student health insurance to both international and study abroad students who are studying outside of their home country. It’s been our mission to provide reliable health insurance options and assist students in making an informed decision. Whether you need a travel medical plan for trips five days in length up to five years, or a more long term international plan, we have coverage to meet all needs.


Visa Application Guideline

We guide and offer visa assistance to prospective students willing to avail our services. We like to help them secure their visa on first application by helping in reviewing their documents prior to submission at the visa office.
Visa processing

Students Travel and Airport Pick-up

Our Team offers traveling services and airport pick up for students leaving their home country to study abroad.

Sim Card on Arrival 

JWS Consulting Limited provides Sim Card for Student that just arrived at their study destination.


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